Financial Services for Business

The core of our business is the provision of personal face to face advice to both individuals and businesses alike.

We have over 250 years combined experience which we bring together and utilise to make sure every single one of our clients has their own concerns and ambitions heard.  There isn’t an “off the shelf” solution, and we will use our experience to find the correct outcome for each individual.

Best advice is the key and we match that with our continued service.  This drives the trust and lasting relationships we have with our clients.

Partnership Protection

Why is there a need for partnership protection?

A partnership is defined in section 1 of the Partnership Act 1890 as “the relationship which exists between persons carrying on business in common with a view of profit, other than by way of membership of a body corporate.” There is no longer any limit as to the number of partners a business can have.

Key Person Protection

As a business you understand the need to manage the risks you face everyday – insuring stock, equipment and transport against fire, flood and theft. But most don’t cover their most valuable assets – their people.

Shareholder Protection

Is there a need for shareholder protection?

If shareholders are in any doubt as to the answer to this question, then a review of the Company’s Articles of Association will highlight the need for protection to be taken out.

Tax Efficient Protection

Relevant life policies – Get the taxman to help pay for cover

A relevant life policy is a single life, standalone death-in-service, providing benefits on an individual basis.

Business Wills/Trusts

All the shareholders involved in the shareholder protection arrangement should execute wills to ensure their intended beneficiaries receive the proceeds free of any intestacy delays. Those involved should also bear in mind that their shares will typically qualify for 100% Business Property.